Music: The Real Fountain of Youth

There’s nothing quite like the quintessential church picnic.

June is the month for a lot of church picnics in the area, and I think it’s just a lovely way to spend a few hours. So I spent some time at a local celebration a few weeks ago, and really had a great time.

One of the reasons I enjoyed it is because I’m a people watcher. I just love watching people having a good time, or really any kind of time. I find it fascinating how people react to things and basically just how they are with each other, and a church picnic is the perfect setting for it.

I enjoyed a philly steak sandwich and some onion rings while sitting in the afternoon sun, played a little Cherry Tree and later partook of some delicious ice cream. 

But the real treasure was in the music tent.

It’s amazing to me what music does for us. It reminds us of good times, bad times, it soothes us, and generally helps us deal with our humanity. What would we do without it?

So while I was enjoying the music of the Gray Catz in the music tent, I started thinking deeply about the big part music plays in our lives. And as I watched the congregation dance, I was completely charmed by what I saw.

Of course there were couples dancing, some fast and some slow, but all were enjoying the lovely summer evening. Two little boys were dancing near each other, completely oblivious to the rest of the crowd, just having a ball with each other.

I noticed a woman singing to her husband as they danced. When the band played “What a Wonderful World,” many more couples entered the floor. I was touched by all the love in the room, and the endearing expressions on everyone’s faces, whether they were dancing or not.

A mother and son couple danced almost every dance that night. I’m not sure who had more fun, as they never stopped laughing and smiling. And of course there was that couple where the woman is swaying, bopping and singing as she sits next to a guy she desperately wants to ask her to dance, and he’s just not getting the hint.

And it occurred to me… you really don’t have to be good at dancing to enjoy it. You just have to get up there and you’re a success. Any movement after that is just gravy. The point is wanting to enjoy yourself and have a good time. Nothing else matters.

After a while, the band brought a woman out of the crowd to play the tambourine on a few tunes, and she was really having a good time, as was everyone in the music tent. Which made me realize that music is magic. Real magic! Music washes the years away and makes us all young again. It’s like the real fountain of youth, and also brings much happiness with it as well.

So your homework for the week is to get out there and find some music to dance to! You don’t have to get fancy, just humming a tune while rocking it out in your own kitchen counts. You don’t even need a partner. Just make a point to get a little younger this week by kicking up your heels and have a good time!

Published 6/28/19 in the Portage County Gazette.


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