This Mother’s Day, Just Leave Mom the Hell Alone


A little too blunt?

A little too honest?

Are we still not ready to take Mom off the pedestal and just let her have one damn day to herself?

Because here’s a dirty little secret… it’s what she really wants.

Think about it for a minute. Mom is always there for us. Mom is the first one up, and the last one to bed. Mom is always keeping schedules straight, keeping us on time, remembering all the stuff we need, and getting us there when we need to be there.

Mom is always thinking of what we need from the grocery store, what we’re going to eat for the week, and when she’s going to get it, make it, and serve it.

Mom is always thinking of what you need for school, if your work clothes are clean and ready to go, and she always knows where all that stuff you can never find is, because she just knows you that well.

She’s always picking up after you, cleaning up your mess, and taking care of the house to boot. You mom doesn’t whine about it.

Mom is always thinking about your happiness, your health, and your needs. You always come first. You have for years. Even after you grow up, your mom is still thinking about your happiness, your health, and your needs. Every day. She has your best interest at heart, always. It’s tough to let that go after just 18 years of raising a human.

But how often do you think about your mom? Do you think about her happiness, her health, and her needs? Maybe this Mother’s Day is a good time to start.

Because what Mom really wants is a few moments to herself. Maybe a few hours. Hell, what would she give for an entire day of no one asking for anything, needing her to do anything, no one to watch out for, check on, or worry about?

Now THAT would be a Mother’s Day indeed.

So this year for her big day, instead of holding her high and parading her through the best local buffet you can afford and feeling good about it, maybe try something a little different.

Maybe you take the family out for their favorite things to eat, or to do. Their favorite movie, favorite park, or just take them for a nice long walk outside so they learn how to appreciate a beautiful day.

Let Mom spend the day on her own, in peace and quiet, doing exactly what she wants to do, and not wiping a nose or a butt, stopping a fight, asking you to pick up that sock or take out the garbage for the fourteenth time. Not compromising for a second. Not listening to any fighting, or whining, or requests that can be handled without her interaction. 

Have you ever asked Mom how she’d really like to spend the day? She’s probably too sweet, loving and unselfish to tell you the truth. But she might really appreciate you taking the time to ask, and listen. You might have to ask her more than once.

Sometimes making Mom feel special and loved is just taking the time to listen to her. Try it out. Just give her a call and make it all about her. You know you don’t call often enough, and she’d love to spend the time talking with you. Then ask her how she’d REALLY like to spend the day.

You’ve got a whole day to try it out on Sunday, so make it a great one. A day she’ll remember for a very long time.

Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there! YOU ROCK.

One thought on “This Mother’s Day, Just Leave Mom the Hell Alone

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  1. Yup, that was always a good Mother’s Day for me…just me time! Oh the peace! But now that the kids are older and moved out, I do enjoy when they come over for the day. Or even a simple text message saying I love you, Happy Mother’s Day!


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